EZSolution? CHIR99021, Sterile-Filtered

EUR 405.6

Biovision Laboratories manufactures the biovision 1991-1 reagents distributed by Genprice. The Biovision 1991-1 reagent is RUO (Research Use Only) to test human serum or cell culture lab samples. To purchase these products, for the MSDS, Data Sheet, protocol, storage conditions/temperature or for the concentration, please contact BioVision. Other Biovision products are available in stock. Specificity: Biovision Category: 1991-1

Protein G Sepharose

EUR 229.2

Hi-Bind? Protein G-Agarose

EUR 280.8

Protein G Magnetic Beads

EUR 314.4

Protein G Sepharose Column

EUR 314.4

JNK Negative Control Cell Lysate

EUR 379.2

JNK Activated Cell Lysate

EUR 379.2

Akt Negative Control Cell Lysate

EUR 379.2

Test Assays information

FSTL5 antibody

70R-1991 50 ug
EUR 560.4
Description: Rabbit polyclonal FSTL5 antibody raised against the middle region of FSTL5

Human TPO ELISA kit

55R-1991 96 tests
EUR 740.4
Description: ELISA Kit for detection of TPO in the research laboratory

HAX1 antibody (biotin)

60R-1991 100 ug
EUR 392.4
Description: Rabbit polyclonal HAX1 antibody (biotin)

Scg2 Blocking Peptide

33R-1991 100 ug
EUR 216
Description: A synthetic peptide for use as a blocking control in assays to test for specificity of Scg2 antibody, catalog no. 70R-8629

AFX antibody

20R-1991 50 ug
EUR 337.2
Description: Rabbit polyclonal AFX antibody

CTNNB1 antibody

10R-1991 100 ul
EUR 483.6
Description: Mouse monoclonal CTNNB1 antibody

Hepatitis C Virus protein

30-1991 1 mg
EUR 807.6
Description: Purified recombinant Hepatitis C Virus protein

C8G protein (His tag)

80R-1991 100 ug
EUR 386.4
Description: Recombinant human C8G protein (His tag)

Protein A Sepharose

EUR 170.4

Protein A/G

EUR 183.6

Protein A/G Sepharose

EUR 288

Protein A/G-FITC

EUR 673.2

Protein A/G-Biotin

EUR 614.4

Protein A Magnetic Beads

EUR 314.4

Protein A Sepharose Column

EUR 248.4

Protein G

EUR 176.4

Protein G Sepharose

EUR 229.2