wordpress membership plugin

If you are planing to start membership website then you should consider some important factors and functions about that because if you select wrong way from starting then it will be difficult for you to reach at the end. first of all membership website mean where you can charge members for particular services / product / videos on monthly / yearly basis so if you are planing to create that kind of website then I must advise you that you should go with wordpress, WordPress is the most popular CMS in current time as it has lots of plugins that can fulfill any of your requirements in terms of design / development / functionality and many more.

Now lets come to WordPress membership plugin, You should select membership plugin which is most very much efficient as well as it has good after sales support, we used Armember plugin for one of our website and it has top not functionality regarding membership website and top quality after sales support. it should have various payment types include in it as if you have website then all users must have different payment priority and they prefer to go with that like some one would like to use paypal and some one want to use credit card directly or  authorised.net so you should select plugin that has maximum payment processor and with that it should have easy membership management for both , for client as well as for admin also where you can manage all the membership plan and payment setting, also it should give you all the data like how many times user log in and from which IP so it will be very much beneficial for you so if you want to go with good membership management plugin then you should go with Armember, here you can buy that wordpress membership plugin, Post your reviews about that plugin here , as per my experience its the best membership plugin I have ever used

Important  of Membership Website